SCORM and its benefits

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What is SCORM?

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In the early stages of eLearning, integrations system was not adopted. Everything was unshared. LMS use to restrict their eLearning courses with themselves. But after few years SCORM was introduced. SCORM means Shareable Content Object Reference Model, where-

Shareable Content Object – This packaging content element decides how a piece of content should be physically delivered. The content which is created within SCORM is shareable and can be reused across multiple tools and platforms. When you creating eLearning courses with SCORM compliant authoring tools the output is as a Zip folder that contains all necessary information to publish and host the course on SCORM compliant LMS

Reference Model – The “RM” in SCORM is a specification or set of rules followed by eLearning professionals. SCORM includes standards for packaging and describing content, how the LMS launches content, how content is communicated to the LMS, and how learners navigate from module to module.

Benefits of using SCORM LMS compliant: –

  • Better quality Content
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Create an interactive learning environment
  • Easy accessibility
  • Easy to track data

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