SCORM format-example of its implementation into an LMS.

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What is the SCORM format? Provide a working example of its implementation into an LMS.

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While importing SCORM content is often a laborious process, it should be simple. To import a SCORM course into your LMS, you will usually:

1. Upload the SCORM zip file, via your browser or LMS administrator UI. For example, to add a SCORM module to a course in LearnUpon, you simply click a button.

2. Your LMS will then attempt to find the manifest file and import its contents, preparing it for use by learners. A good LMS will attempt to validate the manifest and flag potential issues. For example, if no manifest file was found, the LMS would notify you of the specific issue rather than saying something vague like: “Failed to upload your file, please contact your administrator.”.

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