Trading is difficult

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Hey everyone!

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into trading for a few months now. Decided it’s time to move from thinking to doing, but here’s the catch – I’m completely lost in information out there. I want to learn how to trade both Forex and Bitcoin, but finding quality courses seems to be a big question mark. Either this or that is offered, and duration is very unfair, considering the cost. Hate it!

Has anyone had any PERSONAL experience about something truly worthwhile? What’s crucial for me is practical knowledge, not just memorizing theory but learning from real-life examples. PLEASE, don’t tell me anything that your overlooked or overheard. I am interested ONLY IN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!!! I am so tired of empty promises…

Any personal stories, experience, failures and success are highly welcome.

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Hey there! It’s great to hear you’re diving into trading. I totally get the struggle with the overwhelming info out there. I’ve been through that maze myself. When it comes to learning, practical knowledge beats theory any day. I stumbled upon a while back, and it’s been a game-changer. Their courses are top-notch, focusing on real-life examples rather than just textbook stuff. Plus, their platform is user-friendly, which was a huge relief for me starting out. One thing I love is their transparency – no hidden fees or shady practices. It’s all about empowering traders with the right tools and knowledge.




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