What are some good use cases for Slack integration in Paradiso?

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Will Philips meeloun answered

As I know Slack is a good integration to have information from users, but, how does Paradiso integrate it into the LMS?

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adamgarone adamgarone answered

First, we must clarify that Slack Integration is a group chat tool that could be integrated with some platforms. It unifies the communication within your employees or students in just one place. It works as a channel where you can manage all the information flowing along your company or group of learners.

It’s an excellent way to handle a feedback with your users. Have an active communication way allows you to improve your platform day by day, making the respective changes in order to get better the experience. Some of the good uses of it could be an LMS with several integrations.

According to this, I Paradiso LMS is as an example of Slack integration. With it you can generate an active communication with your trainees, with Paradiso, this feature is easy to use and apply on your system.

On this blog, there is some other information about it Slack Integration.




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