What are the components of a learning management system?

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A Learning Management System therefore is a dynamic web based system that allows for easy management and delivery of online courses & training programs. It may be approached variously in terms of definition depending with the nature of institution utilizing the e-learning service. This however does not alter the understanding of what is LMS (software). What that does is make LMS meaning more tied to the specific purpose it has for the particular institution or body of users.

Learning Management Systems range from those dealing with management of training and study records to software for dispensing collaborative hybrid college courses over the internet.

Various colleges and universities apply LM Systems to deliver different courses in their e-learning programs in addition to their on-campus courses. Similarly corporate training executives use the systems to deliver online training programs and automate record-keeping and employee cataloguing.

Most Learning management systems are thus web-based applications that help with the facilitation of access to learning content as well as system administration. For the case of educational institutions with large populations of learners, the LM Systems are used to enhance and support classroom teaching.

The system has an LMS Login, the term used in referring to the core interface or central homepage of the learning management site. The login is the first page that acts as the main gateway to the main portal where users enter their e-learning login details to access the online or virtual classes.

Perhaps you have subscribed to some online portal that has assigned you a username and password for accessing a form of training in a given field, believe it or not; you are an LMS user.

This could be a university, purely based online, or having its on-campus students as well. Whatever application the service provider uses to administer your studies on that particular web page is an LMS. Good, I hope the LMS meaning is now homing in.




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