What are the disadvantages of using technology in the teaching-learning process?

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We know that an LMS is a great opportunity to approach the technology to the education and the student, but in some case, it can become a barrier in the learning process. This question, apply to many different sites and I’ve seen it in other social forums, now how does it apply to Paradiso LMS and, what does the platform do to solve?

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The first disadvantage of using technology in the teaching-learning process is that it can be distracting. Many teachers allow their students to use devices during class time to keep them engaged and focused on the lesson at hand. The second disadvantage of using technology in the teaching-learning process is that it can cause students to lose focus on the lesson at hand. Sometimes, teachers allow their students access to social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat during class time so that they can use this free time for something more productive than playing on their phones or tablets. Well, I will also read https://calbizjournal.com/how-teachers-can-help-students-with-diabetes/ article in which number of ideas have been shared that how teachers can help students with diabetes.




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