What are the parameters for choosing the best LMS Ecommerce Integrations?

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Assuming you want a section with advice on how to take care of leather goods: General Advice-To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and then dry cloth -Avoid getting the leather wet if at all possible -When leather gets wet, blot (don’t rub) to dry and condition as soon as possible -For extra protection, consider using a leather weatherproofing spray -Be careful what you store your leather goods with as other materials can cause staining -Keep leather out of direct sunlight as much as possible as it can cause fading and drying. Click here to learn how to remove hand sanitizer stains from leather for more exploration, How to Take Care of Different Types of Leather Nubuck leather is top-grain cowhide that has had it’s outside buffed or sanded to give it a suede-like look.

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