What distinguishes business enterprise learning management systems (LMS) such as Mindflash or Absorb and educational technology LMS for schools such as Blackboard or Moodle?

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Mark Smith mowenoh134 answered

The companies and the colleges are a very different organism, so the difference between platforms would be considerable.

EveHoddle EveHoddle answered

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Will Philips Will Philips answered

We must start defining the concept of what is an LMS (learning management system). Saying in easy words, it’s a platform (software), where you can allocate information and manage it for teaching or training proposes. We can say that this is the evolution of traditional education, taking the classroom to the student screen.

Now, according to the question that you are asking, we must take in the count that both LMS would accomplish as a teaching process. The business LMS or company platforms look for training the employees, so in most of the cases it follows a company goal and the content is focused on the strategic line. Most of the time this software is using as a way to allocate the information of a process as a company position.

The company systems are almost plane, that means that it doesn’t allow the trainee to provide a self-knowledge training or the feedback is control by the administrator. You can read more information about these cases of use in the following blog, this post is great to expand the topic.

Related to the educational LMS, it’s base on personal and mental growth, there is a program schedule in creating mental work and, most of the time, require extra work form the student. The feedback and self-construction on this kind of platforms are higher and there must be another kind of options give a user experience based on a classroom.

This kind of LMS’s are very different and you can find platforms simples and linear as a trainee program, or in some cases, you can find very interactive and user-friendly services. Besides, you can find some training programs that cross the line and, without losing the strategic achievements, the platform seems a full educational program. I recommend you to read more about this topic in this blog, same as the previous, it will provide you with more information to have the concepts clear.

Finally, the differences would be the content and the way that it is created.




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