What is the use of automated reporting in Moodle?

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David luckywin12 answered

Moodle automated reporting

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I am interested in this automatic report


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There are 7 reasons why automate Moodle reporting

  1. Be more organized
  2. Deliver more reports in the same amount of time
  3. Sophisticated reports
  4. Avoid having to become a programmer – or hire one. Use a visual interface to define queries and transforms
  5. No more working late or weekends in the office preparing that detailed report
  6. No more typos and cut and paste errors
  7. Increase the frequency of analysis

There are 7 Ways to Get Started with Analytics & Reports in Moodle

  1. Events Monitoring
  2. Overview Statistics 
  3. Site-Wide Reports
  4. Engagement Analytics 
  5. Logs 
  6. Forum Graph 
  7. Analytics (Piwik & Google) 



For more details you can check : https://moodle.com/2015/02/05/7-ways-to-get-started-with-analytics-reports-in-moodle/

Wen Wen answered

can automatically send to managers, or can be used for external Dashboard (e.g. Tableau) purposes




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