What LMS with good social learning capabilities is best for an organisation with 3 k employees?

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gregoryhutchison EmilyBrown answered

The social media Works as a way to make the LMS more familiar and user-friendly, no?

MariaBrown MariaBrown edited answer

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Will Philips Will Philips answered

The LMS market has suffered a lot of changes since the boom of the online learning. That’s why most of the platforms have created free trials to provide the users a quick show about what they are offering. But the real need, of most of the customers, is a real free LMS.

Unfortunately for most of the companies, an entirely free system is not a good move. Most of the time because it doesn’t provide a guarantee of earnings. That’s why you will not find a lot of full free platforms in the market.

In my personal opinion, you have Moodle or Schoology, but those are complicated platforms that require programming skills and patience. This year I met Paradiso Free LMS platform which is really useful because it has a well-looking interphase and is full of features.

Take in the count that it’s a really free platform, not a trial, so there are some restrictions and conditions. But, it let you work without problems, it is a great option.




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