What resources are there for online learning?

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Mark Smith mason333 answered

This question is focus on the possibilities offered in the eLearning world.

marryjanes marryjanes answered

It can be said that the inspiration that helps me to learning online very effectively is thanks to the Euchre website. The lectures, games, etc on this website are extremely fun and useful.

Promise Promise answered

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thomasmore thomasmore answered

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LindaLipsey LindaLipsey answered

I am searching for resources for online learning and I am so happy I have found your post in which I have found my question answer. If you are looking for the best educational apps then you can find them on this site. I am sure you will find a bunch of educational apps over there.

adamgarone adamgarone answered

I would say that your question is very open for very different answers, so I will give you a quick response with some little aspects to take in the count. Be aware that the eLearning world or online learning, as you said, has increased a lot the past 10 years, or so, the internet expansion and the easy access have created hundreds of possibilities for the knowledge to go.

Learning Management Systems:

The LMS is the greatest expression for the eLearning nowadays. These platforms allow you to create and share your courses, training programs or classes online. The Learning platform market has been the most increasing one since the eLearning became a market place to explore.

We can find a good example of this looking at the Indian market, where the software and eLearning land is the main factor of readability. If you want to know more information about it, read this blog!

Virtual classroom:

A virtual classroom is an option when you want to get your courses out of the classic classroom without moving from your computer. This is a stream option offered by some servers and providers as Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, among others.

An important fact is that most of LMS providers have integrations with some virtual classroom. So, before choosing an LMS as eLearning option, stay sure that it can be integrated with this feature, you will need it for sure!

CRM possibilities:

I will end this quick information with a very useful possibility for the education world. Customer relationship management is a necessary tool in almost everything you do in an educational way. Having control of what your students, customer or clients, call them as your wish, is the key to success for any teaching program.

This resource makes easy to understand and follow up the information, simply as phone numbers or emails, until feedbacks and improvement process.

I hope that these 3 possibilities offer you a quick look at what you can do with online learning. By the way, you can always read more about It in the following website, there I have found a lot of useful resources and post that can help you for sure.




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