Which companies make mechanical models out of wood?

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mosartimol Alexander 11 answered

Hello! I have recently become interested in assembling mechanical models from wood and would like to know which companies make such models and how they differ from each other. Maybe someone can recommend some company or brand?

seolinks seolinks answered

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john2938 john2938 answered

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MousKopert MousKopert answered

Greetings to all those with a passion for mechanical wooden models! If you are looking for really interesting and quality models, I would like to recommend wooden mechanical puzzle . They are a company that specialises in making mechanical models and puzzles out of wood. Their models are uniquely designed and detailed, and include different mechanisms that make them particularly interesting. They also have many different models, from animals and cars to buildings and musical instruments. I personally assembled a mechanical clockwork model I bought from them and was amazed at its quality and detail. I recommend it to all connoisseurs of mechanical wooden models!

Nepabert Nepabert answered

Recently purchased a wooden mechanical puzzle. It is called “Counting Machine” and I found it on a website on the internet. The price was quite reasonable and the puzzle itself was challenging enough to have a fun time. I love wooden mechanical puzzles and already have several models.

AstKillsas AstKillsas answered

I used to assemble mechanical models out of wood at one time. There are various models such as mechanical cinematographs, puzzles and music boxes. Very interesting and complex models, but the instructions and details are well worked out, so it shouldn’t be difficult to assemble.




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