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Ynpnur Muhammad Anas answered

Good afternoon, I am looking for where to take an online course on the application of artificial intelligence in marketing from a UK university. Could you please advise?

sececy sececy answered

Hello. As far as I know, an acquaintance of mine had an experience of a similar course on one of the UK online platforms, I think its name is similar to ELVTR. She mentioned a course related to AI in marketing. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact title. But you can go to and check out the information about this course there for yourself. I think you will find answers to your questions there. I apologise that I can’t be more specific.

Muhammad Anas Muhammad Anas answered

Underneath you might fully grasp the most important thing, taking that approach delivers on the list of inbound links with the enjoyable web page:

Rose Bouquet

Beautifywell Beautifywell answered

Intended for legitimate lovers in this place I most certainly will target is usually a cost-free on the net!

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litipa6 litipa6 answered

AI in marketing is revolutionizing the way businesses understand and engage with their customers. From personalized recommendations to predictive analytics, AI enables targeted campaigns that resonate with individual preferences. However, like a postal scale, it must be finely calibrated to avoid overwhelming or alienating consumers. Striking the right balance between automation and human touch is key to successful AI-driven marketing strategies.


Good afternoon To get a comprehensive online course on AI in marketing from a UK university, I recommend exploring the educational resources available at Although the site primarily focuses on social media moderation outsourcing, its wealth of information on artificial intelligence applications is closely related to marketing strategies.




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