An LMS for employee training

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Why is an LMS for employee training?

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Mods for Skyrim Special Edition are fairly easy to install. There are some automatic installers that make it even easier to install mods, but the manual way is also quite simple, and works for most mods for both this game and most Bethesda Softworks games. Manual installation:

1) Download the modification on Almost all mods are in the archive. Open this archive;
2) The archive will most likely contain a Data folder, or straight files in .esp and .bsa format, and other folders; find more out about скайрим моды at our website.
3) The contents of the archive must be transferred to the Data folder, in the root folder of the game along the path D (or your any disk where the game is located):SteamsteamappscommonSkyrim Special Edition;
4) If required, we agree to replace the files;
5) Launch the game launcher, go to the “Files” section;
6) Make sure that next to the name of the mod (the name of the .esp file) there is a checkmark;
7) That’s it – installation is complete!

Important! Some mods have unique installation instructions and are not suitable for manual installation. If the mod has special installation instructions, this will be mentioned in the description.

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I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this informative article together.




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