Assignments, an app for your LMS, simplifies grading.

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While educators would prefer to spend every second of the school day educating students, administrative responsibilities such as distributing teaching materials and grading student work must take up a significant portion of the day. At Google, we’ve been watching and listening intently how educators all across the world have adapted to distant learning while still doing their important jobs of teaching, advising, and engaging students.

As a result, we’re releasing Assignments, an add-on application for your school’s learning management system (LMS), as a core service for all G Suite for Education schools today. With Assignments as part of your LMS, you can simply distribute and grade classwork—all while leveraging the collaborative capabilities of G Suite. Assignments, like Classroom, includes originality reports that enable educators and students to check classwork for suspected plagiarism.

Incorporate the G Suite experience into your LMS.

Assignments integrates Google Docs and Google Drive into your LMS, making it easy to assign, collect, and grade student work. It is designed with the most recent Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards in mind, ensuring robust security and ease of installation. Assignments interacts with learning management systems (LMSs) such as Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, Brightspace, Sakai, and Blackboard, as well as any LMS that supports LTI 1.1 or higher. The Assignments help center contains instructions for getting started and configuring Assignments in your LMS.

Save time by using a simple distribution and grading approach.

Using Assignments, educators may automate time-consuming procedures such as grading and sharing coursework. Teachers, for example, can generate and distribute personalized versions of project documents for each student to modify and submit, or set up Google Drive folders for the entire class.

Assignments also makes grading easier with user-friendly options like comment banks that save your most often used feedback, reusable rubrics to ensure consistency in marking, and the opportunity to add direct margin comments, strikethroughs, or highlights. These technologies not only help teachers save time and provide feedback that helps kids learn, but they also assist teachers in remaining structured in the face of interruption. Using these technologies, educators can plan semesters ahead of time and edit past class materials for reuse.

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These LMS tasks, which instructors offer to pupils to test their comprehension and topic knowledge, might include essays, research papers, projects, presentations, and other academic exercises. While inexpensive assignment help might be beneficial for students, it is important to remember that obtaining a first grade just through assignment help depends on a few fundamental components.

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With the app, educators can provide timely slither io feedback to students directly within the LMS. This facilitates effective communication, allowing students to review feedback and ask questions if needed.

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