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Can anybody let me know how to create a call tracking LMS for my contact center? Our lawyers are working consent form for customers, but we really must compare the KPI to last. Because our business is drowning.

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Agree with the previous speaker. So far in the USA only 11 states require two-party recording consent, but that can vary, firstly. And secondly, you never know where your client is from. So better if you review and read about those third party providers that have needed expertise. I still recommend you to ask this question about permissions before you hire someone. As you can see, it will be too cumbersome to do it all yourself.

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I hope everything works out for you. I’m very sorry to hear that your business is in trouble. I want to advise you to contact us here, there are professionals in their field who will help you with your problems. They helped me a lot during their time. Therefore, I advise you. Good luck to you! I’m sure everything will be fine!

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Why do you want to deal with it personally? Hire a third party call tracking analyzer. They have decades of years of working with this topic, they will know about technical and legal parts of it. And they will save you a lot of money on everything.




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