Convert a flash site into html

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How do I convert a flash site into html?

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If you are planning to convert to Flash into HTML5, do a proper planning and prepare effective strategies. Below are the steps to convert a flash to HTML5-


During the Flash to HTML5 conversion, you must first prepare the list of Flash content that you have to convert to HTML5 and then prioritize them. Try to convert first those Flash courses without source files and low interactivities.


If you want to convert your content from Flash to HTML5, but you don’t have access to the source file or have less or no interactivity, you need to rebuild the content.


If Flash content was developed in older versions of tools and has source files, it needs to be republished using a newer version of the same tool.


When the content requires a new instructional design, a complete revamp of content, i.e., a significant portion of the content needs updates, a change in look-and-feel, and instructional design. It’s better to redesign the content from scratch.

Conduct a pilot test

Conduct a pilot test to check whether the converted file can run successfully on all platforms. If your pilot test runs successfully, you can convert the rest of your files from Flash to HTML5. Just in case it doesn’t run properly on your learning platform, you may have to redesign the courses.




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