Do you think that online education is really useful?

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Will Philips 琪琪9977 answered

The boom of the eLearning has created a lot of questioning and ideas against the possibilities of itself in the teaching and training world.

gregoryhutchison gregoryhutchison answered

I define the education as a living organism that evolves and changes day by day. Then, we cannot say that everything is set down on this topic, each day it finds a way to adapt to new communication languages.

The online education has several challenges nowadays, one of them is to focus the student in the platform. The online world has a lot of distractions and possibilities to blur the education goal. That’s why many experiences in the topic fail or let thing to do.

A good example of education via the web or online education is the LMS implementation. Those platforms are the solution for many companies with training, improves the productivity and creates a way to bring the education to the student or trainee on time and workable.

Finally, I won’t say that the online education has failed, but it is important to know that still thing to do. The key is to improve our own human skills and take advantage of the online world. Find in success possibilities, as Paradiso LMS, Litmos or Udemy, the real opportunity.

painsad painsad answered

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emmawattson emmawattson answered

Online education is useful in the sense that students can study from everywhere which is a good thing. But because of online education, students are now engaged in many distractive activities which disturbed their studies badly. Even when my classes got online due to the covid, I was also not studying properly and was just using my mobile phone, playing games, etc which disturbed my life, and my writing skills also got ruined, I got the help of ebook writers to complete my assignment. If I can feel the lackness of interest in education, others can also feel that. I think online education is disturbing student’s lifestyles and education which is not a good sign.

najwayaminah najwayaminah answered

Today we are living in the digital era and everything also switching to digitally and education also growing very rapidly due to technology and we also need to make better through the technology and new devices that are useful for students in their education, here  I have collected too much information for essay writing service because the whole world a lot of students have to take online service to submit their work within due date.

EssayUK EssayUK answered

Online education is very beneficial for every student for example many student face difficulty in essay writing so they could help from Essay Writers Uk online which help them to achieve extra ordinary marks




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