Does Paradiso provides RFP for interactive websites?

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Mark Smith normanwolf answered

RFP for website

normanwolf normanwolf answered

I’m “the writer being new” and have a lot to learn. Hope to receive more guidance from you Elastic man.

Will Philips Will Philips answered

Yes, Paradiso provides RFP for interactive website. You can visit Paradiso LMS RFP and explore some of its exciting features, such as:

  • LMS RFP page is easy to use.
  • It speeds up the process of RFP/RFI generation by handing out exact information that needs to be asked.
  • Helps you in streamlining the search for the perfect LMS.
  • 13 key sections that clearly define the ideal structure of an LMS RFP.
  • Equipped to be readily used by anyone – regardless, of the writer being new or a veteran in e-learning industry.
  • Increases speed and efficiency, and eventually saves time for both, you and the vendor.



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