Drip feeding for online training & learning

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Why to use drip feeding for online training & learning?

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Looking forward to you sharing more information, I have been looking for it for days.

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There are several benefits of using this content delivery model as it increases sales revenue. If you plan to design your training courses with the drip-feed model, here are some of the benefits you can get.

Create structured courses

One of the greatest benefits of drip course content is that you can create structured online training programs for employees at different levels. You can also set expiry dates for access to these courses to ensure employees complete them promptly.

Improve employee retention

The drip-feed course is automated content that creates stronger employee retention. With the overwhelming amount of information, the employee cannot grasp the information, especially the new employees. They have to absorb necessary information like sales scripts, expense report policies, new software, and more. A drip learning system allows you to provide employees and information in small, digestible bits of information.

Saves time

In the drip content course, you need to complete an online learning program in fixed days, weeks, and months. With this easy and reliable way of course creation method, you can automate training delivery that saves a lot of time. It allows you to spend more time on other things like creating, marketing and selling online courses.

Embed microlearning right

In this digital age, microlearning is a great way to cater to learners’ shorter attention spans. By breaking up existing online training courses into small chunks and bite-size pieces, you can embed the microlearning approach into the online training program.




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