E-learning companies in Dubai

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What are some E-Learning companies in Dubai?

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Paradiso Solution is one of the best Elearning company in Dubai that offer next-gen online training platforms. This multiple award-winning eLearning solution provider offer essential features and a robust set of tools for the best online learning experiences.  

Paradiso a one-stop-shop Solutiocomes with outstanding features such as micro learning, gamification, on demand learning. It also offers built-in reporting for analytics and live training options. The system can integrate with PowerPoint, Adobe, CRM, ERP, LMS SAP, import SCORM files100+ integrations. 


Paradiso Solutions also offers Course Creation ServiceLearning Management System, Course Authoring tool and 7,000 pre-built courses so course design doesn’t need to start from scratch. 


You can watch this video to know how Paradiso can help you. 

LMS Video 




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