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What is your favorite LMS to use for corporate training and why?

pradnyamaske pradnyamaske answered

I personally would recommend you the Paradiso LMS because earlier I have struggled a lot with the old-fashioned software. But since I am using Paradiso LMS the workflow is smooth. If you are struggling with maintaining an expensive training setup or cannot schedule vast courses in a short period of time, Learning Management System (LMS) software is your go-to solution. Learning Management Systems offer a cloud-based training software that creates, manages, and tracks the learning initiatives of educational institutions and business organizations. Its in-built learning portals offer certificate courses, study modules, course calendars, video courses, training modules, and other E-learning materials. The multi-platform feature allows students, trainers, trainees, and co-administrators to enjoy anywhere-anytime learning with customized tests that come with automated email reports and learner analysis to further enrich the process. LMS software enables learner interaction through course discussion, sharing, and commenting. The gamification feature of these software comes with a rewards system that allows professionals and learners to earn personalized badges and access a leader board that tracks individual and collective milestones. These diverse options can be overwhelming to choose from.  




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