Features of Microsoft Dynamics LMS integration

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What are the features of Microsoft Dynamics LMS integration?

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Following are some of the top features of Microsoft Dynamics LMS integration:

Single-sign On

One-click access to all your platforms. Automatically log into your LMS instance with a simple click in Microsoft Dynamics ERP without the need to enter any login details.

Centralized Data

Paradiso improves your internal workflow by collecting all your data at one accessible location. This facilitates business processes in retrieving data and reduces the amount of time that employees spend waiting on people in different departments to provide them with information necessary to complete important tasks.

Analytics and Reporting

Paradiso offers robust reporting tool for better understanding the effectiveness of training. Advanced reports help to understand and analyze system usage. You can run reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM based on data originating from your eLearning platform.


Users can automatically enroll in the LMS from Microsoft Dynamics ERP based on contact or user profile fields. This reduces the burden on LMS admin to manually assign users to courses. Also, it’ll reduce the errors associated the assigning the courses.

Course Analytics

Enrollment statuses, certifications, grades, and completions are automatically updated from the Learning Management System to Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Apparently, I came across this company called as Paradiso. In Paradiso they take care of the retrieval and storage of information for your organization and make integrations easy through built-in and custom APIs. Just plug in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.




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