How can I create an e-learning course?

adamgarone Will Philips answered

The core of the Learning platform is the content, same as the courses, but it’s a big deal in the time to create a really good and agaging eLearning plan.

Will Philips Will Philips answered

There are many ways to create an eLearning course, normally it is recommending to use an open source that allows you to modify, change and manipulate the platform. Others suggest using an LMS company motor.

The truth is that you can choose whatever option is useful for achieving your goals. You must be clear thinking about what is the content to be created, what kind of features do you need, what public do you want to attract, among other possible information and characteristics you think you will need.

Another important and decisive part is that if you have or not a person capable to use an open source. It will define the way to take if you have a big budget and want to hire someone with the skills you can take the open resource way. It will provide you full customization and originality, but it will take quiet time and money according to your solicitudes and budget.

Also is the other way, choose a company LMS creator. This is the best option when you want to save money and time, or you do not have someone with the high skills to work in the open source. In my experience time, you must look for a system capable to adapt on your needs, a platform versatile, with good integrations with someone to talk with as support.

In the blog “course creation” you can see the importance of a professional course creation, and why it is important for your eLearning experience. By the way, as personal advice, I have worked with Paradiso LMS system before, I had a special affinity for it. It is an excellent system with the necessary features, it creates an incredible experience for your customers.

With Paradiso LMS you can take your courses to a different way to share content, they have a free version. It is an excellent way to try the system and use it for small groups. So, my option in eLearning content and courses is Paradiso LMS.




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