How do I sell courses online?

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How can sell my courses online easily?

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you need a email address which looks professional, don’t use your personal email address, you can also create an .edu email address for free, because it has high trust and authority that’s why people believe more to a mail received with such extensions.


This production chain works best for companies or institutions that sell courses online:

Step 1

Shop / eCommerce

Users access the Shop or eCommerce site (Magento, Woocommerce, Drupal, Joomla) where the courses (products) are listed.

Step 2

Purchase Course

Users browse through the course catalog and purchase courses of interest.

Step 3

Auto Enrollment

Once the purchase has been successfully completed, in the backend eCommerce will communicate to Moodle that User X has bought course Y, and the user will be automatically enrolled on that course.

Step 4


Users will have access to Moodle to start using the course they just purchased.

There are many variables on how this process will work, since some companies or institutions might need SSO (Single Sign On) in which users will only log in at Step 1 (eCommerce Site) and gain access to Moodle just by clicking a link or button on the site – without needing to enter any log in details or credentials.

Auto Enrollment will be the secondary variable for this and we believe the most important. Auto enrollment allows users to be enrolled into a course right after they have purchased it.


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