How do you learn the best, YouTube videos, books, classrooms, one on one, workshops, or?

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The video is the now big move!

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I think that the actual educational model system requires a multi-disciplinary overview. You cannot say that just one platform or process is enough to provide the best learning experience. The actual learner is a mass media consumer, they read, see and interact with the information day by day, so the education way needs to improve its different possibilities to this scenario.

Answering your question, I would say that to offering a full learning experience, a solution is a software that merges all those new technologies and interaction possibilities to one goal. The Learning Management System is the best solution to your question, this kind of systems are the answer to the very different companies and institutions that look for innovating in the eLearning world.

According to this topic, you can read more information in the following blog, where you can see some of the benefits using an LMS. This kind of systems allows the integration with some other platforms to improve the teaching experience, breaking the traditional one-way language of the methods that you are asking in the question. This solution offers easy feedback in real-time that improve the true improvement of your goals.

Finally, I recommend you to start the eLearning experience in some free platforms, that way you will verify that the information and possibilities offered nowadays in this kind of software are amazing.

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