How does online learning management system avoid copyright issue?

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gregoryhutchison Mark Smith answered

The copyright is a sensitive topic in real time, we must try to find a solution to it!

Mark Smith Mark Smith answered

Nowadays we have very different challenges with copyright on very different topics. The most usual is when you see the typical case of college homework or workshop, which have been created very different tools to fight again this. But this issue is part of the human being moral and most of the time is very difficult to identify.

Thanks to this, the technology has given a hand with this matter creation the copyright detection tools as Viper or Turnitin. These tools have been used by teacher day by day, trying to appeal the common sense of the student. Those are excellent ways to face this issue, but, perhaps it is not the only case where we can see it.

Another example of possible cases, that could affect the credibility or trustful of people happens in online courses. Most of the time people pay or take courses on their own but someone else does all the study process. That’s where a very useful tool appears, the eSignature.

An eSignature is another option to give security side at a site, to an online course. It helps to fight against the copyright and creates confidence between the parts. That would one way that an LMS is able to avoid the sickness of the copyright, the eSignature has several options, but not all the systems can afford it.




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