How does workday´s LMS compare to Paradiso HR´s LMS?

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AKRATI SRIVASTAVA roofmaker answered

We are looking for complete HRMS which has strong LMS capabilities. What do you recommend Workday LMS or Paradiso LMS?

Jesus Doyle Jesus Doyle answered

Workday’s LMS is a fully hosted, multi-tenant platform that allows you to use one single database for all of your employees and their data. This means that if you have multiple locations or departments within your organization, you can manage all of them from a single database. Go to roofing contractor westminster for best reviews. Paradiso HR´s LMS is a solution built on the same technology as Workday, but it has been designed specifically for small businesses and startups. The system is designed to help you manage your employees, clients and vendors in a way that makes sense for your organization.

jonemartin jonemartin answered

Workday provides an open-sourced and deeper way to administer learning modules for all topics for me and my peers.

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