How does workday´s LMS compare to Paradiso HR´s LMS?

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AKRATI SRIVASTAVA Jesus Doyle answered

We are looking for complete HRMS which has strong LMS capabilities. What do you recommend Workday LMS or Paradiso LMS?

roystonmike roystonmike answered

For starter´s Workday doesn´t even have LMS and if it built it recently, it can not be more than few months old, so probably buggy. Paradiso started as LMS company then added talent management and finally HRMS. So essentially they have everything to run the HR. Their payroll module is little weak but we use ADP so we didnt mind it. But if you are looking for strong LMS go with Paradiso HR. Other option is Cornerstone but their HRMS lacks a lot of features and they are probably more expensive than Paradiso LMS, although I am not 100% sure. Good luck!!

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