How the ‘Quit Your Job’ trend affects college attendance

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You’ve probably heard of the “quit your job” trend. Millions of people in the United States have quit their jobs in record time. And it appears that this trend is just going to get stronger. But why is this occurring, and what are these workers’ plans for the future? What impact has this circumstance had on college attendance? All of these questions will be addressed in this post.

What exactly does “great resignation” imply?

Our world is changing at a breakneck pace, but not all aspects of our life are improving. Unfortunately, for some of us, things are just getting worse. Relationships with managers deteriorate, incomes fall, and working conditions aren’t always equitable. It is for this reason that many leave their occupations in search of greater chances. It is not to watch Netflix or relax in the park, as many may believe.

Perhaps the pandemic marked a turning point in the layoff scenario. It brought a crucial concept to life. We are more aware now that we cannot squander time on activities that do not bring us joy. It’s pointless to wait for anything to change on its own. It is necessary to take control of the situation. And many Millennials and Gen-Z representatives are doing just that.

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Why are so many individuals quitting their jobs?

Here are some real-life examples of people who recently quit their jobs. Even though they liked the prior job, others selected better-paying possibilities since they weren’t recognized there. Some people were tired of wasting time commuting, which may take up to two hours every day for a one-way trip. There is practically no time left for personal life or other activity in such circumstances.

Another factor to consider is that the customer-facing industry was in a state of flux, and many employees were forced to work from home. And they’ve realized that by doing so, they’ll be able to generate even more money. Plus, isn’t having a flexible schedule fantastic? Many people no longer wish to return to their old jobs after experiencing the taste of life.

Some people say that quitting was one of the most difficult decisions they’ve ever made. Nonetheless, people were finally able to realize their long-held ambitions, whether it was to establish a business or go graduate school. Of sure, it takes bravery to make global changes. That is why we urge that you read about student protests; they will undoubtedly motivate you to become more involved and act on your convictions.

Furthermore, hating one’s job might lead to mental health issues and unhealthy habits. Some people smoke to relieve stress, while others turn to booze to escape reality. As a result, quitting your job is the first step in bettering your health. Not only can you avoid burnout with the appropriate plan, but you can also boost your well-being and happiness.

What are the regrets of people who have given up? They apologies for not being open to change in the past, for not believing in their own skills, and for not paying enough attention to their feelings, as they put it.

As a result, the ‘Quit Your Job’ movement implies pursuing autonomy, fair working conditions, and the work-life balance that everyone requires.

Is it possible that the issue is more serious?

When one examines the ‘great resignation,’ it becomes clear that it has its roots in post-secondary education. Traditionally, receiving a diploma has been regarded as more important than acquiring the essential abilities to adjust to the labor market. A college diploma does not, in fact, guarantee work after graduation. Nonetheless, many people, including scientists, link it with better earnings, benefits, and a brighter future.

As a result, any layoffs in the education sector represent a hurdle. It needs to change in order to equip workers with short-term yet effective courses that increase job-relevant skills. As a result, education will yield tangible results, such as obtaining a satisfying work.


What impact does this have on education?

According to official data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.3 million Americans lost their jobs in August 2021. That’s about 3% of the total workforce in the United States. The majority worked in restaurants and hotels, as well as in warehouses. Health care workers and white-collar workers, for example, have admitted to thinking about resigning.

As a result, you may be wondering if all of this employees will return and what they are doing now. The solution has something to do with another trend that developed during the pandemic: the rising popularity of online education help. This does, in fact, provide educators with new opportunities.

Of course, online learning reaches students from all over the world and is essential for those willing to upgrade their careers. Many layoffs come from mid-career employees who want to change their field drastically (especially those who worked in hospitality and leisure) or improve their skills. And the flexibility of remote learning is suitable for many. In a rather short time, they can obtain the competencies necessary for the modern labor market.

What do modern education and employment have in common?

Because it considers each learner’s needs and predispositions, modern education may surely be described as individualized. It’s possible that the future of work and education will be pretty similar to this. The importance of treating each person as an individual will be crucial. And the most important factors in ensuring this are innovation and proper organization. Certainly, instructional designers and training specialists can put their skills to good use in order to create compelling online information.

Decentralization is the next big thing. People are increasingly fleeing the large cities for the comforts of the countryside. Furthermore, there is no need to travel to a single centralized location when learning online.

So, how might higher education assist people in advancing their careers? Colleges are expected to establish flexible short courses and degree preparation programmed that are relevant to today’s working culture. And the latter is linked to entrepreneurship, innovation, inclusion, empathy, and creativity. Of course, the programmed should be accessible, relevant, and cost-effective. If the education is still too expensive for you, there are other options besides taking out a student loan.


People endured numerous crises as a result of the coved epidemic, and they began to live a more solitary lifestyle. Many people began to consider certain important topics. Is this the appropriate path for me? Is my job supplying me with enough energy? Then there was a wave of layoffs.

Workers are seeking for methods to improve their abilities, get a better job, or start something altogether new at the same time. As a result, college enrollment is increasing. And, by addressing students’ demands, delivering more practical courses, and adapting to the changing labor market, schools can maintain the same level of attendance.

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