How to create a drip course content

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How do I create a drip course content?

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Well, there are several tools in the market & the most efficient one I found is the Paradiso Composer for online course creation tool specially designed to help you build courses. It comes up with robust features like drip-feeding courses that allow you to create engaging drip feed course content and build self-paced courses for your learners. By the below steps you can quickly develop drip course content:

Create content for the course

Create courses & add features and customize that works best for your employees and learner. Select a course that you want to convert into drip feed content.

Add sections in the course

After selecting a course next step, add sections in the course as the drip is only available for course sections. You can add final interactivity in the course before dividing, so you can add gamification, quizzes, polls, videos, audios, and more at this stage.

Set a schedule to release the content

The course creation tool allows you to set a schedule to drip course content on a specific date or a specific number of days after a sign-up. When setting up a drip course content schedule by date, the course section must be activated to drip on that particular date and delivered on the same day to every student.

Get. Set. Drip Now.




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