How to make an LMS pricing comparison?

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roystonmike AhmedCade answered

I want to do an LMS pricing comparison between some vendors. How can I do it?

AhmedCade AhmedCade answered

I’ve been trying to work my brain with respect to this comparison, it just doesn’t seem to be working for me. Even the best writing services can’t seem to make sense of this comparison. I’d like to know how to make it all in all.

Will Philips Will Philips answered

If you want to implement your eLearning strategies and are an evaluation of different LMS, you should have found out that implementing those strategies could be expensive or demand a good amount of the annual budget. So it is very important to analyze and compare LMS pricing and features to select a cost-effective platform.

One of the main things is to select an eLearning company that has flexible and adaptable LMS pricing plans or LMS pricing models. Beyond the price, the features included are the main point to be into consideration before choosing a Learning Management System.

Make a list of the main features and functionalities that you would need, compare the list with the features included in the plans, and select the right option for you.

Another good technique to compare LMS pricing is to create an LMS RFP/RFI and contact at least 4 eLearning providers to respond to those requirements. Make sure you select all the aspects that you need the LMS to include and wait for their response. Once you get all the RFP, you can make the LMS pricing comparison and select the best solution for you.




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