How to write an LMS RFP/RFi for LMS Vendors?

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The following is just an overview to a basic structure that we recommend for you to write your own RFP, be that for an LMS for school district or for a corporate organization:

  • Section I. Context: In this section provide a summary of the whole RFP. Describe your organization, the nature of your project, the type of contract, contract award criteria, deadlines, selection criteria. This way vendors know from the beginning why, what, how and when do you want your responses to your request to be.
  • Section II. The Purpose and Background: This section is to elaborate further on who your organization is and answer what you want to achieve with your LMS.
  • Section III. The Scope of Work: A detailed description of users, of what you expect the LMS Vendor to deliver and all the responsibilities involved.
  • Section IV. Requirements and Terms of Contract: A consistent structure in terms of content, information, and documents are needed for the people evaluating the proposals. Also, for LMS Vendors it is important to know the length, start date and end date of the contract, and the options for renewal.
  • Section V. The schedule: Clearly present the timeline for the steps leading to the final decision, such as the dates for submitting the letter of intent, sending questions, attending the pre-proposal conference, submitting the proposal, etc.

With this structure in mind, we are sure you can write a winning LMS RFP Solicitation.




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