I am looking for LMS that can integrate with the website I am working with.

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edugorilla asdxv answered

I am looking for some LMS suggestion list that can integrate with the websites I work with. Also suggest any pointers that I have to take care of. For reference, the websites for whom I work with are EduGorilla, Test Series and Practise Mock

IdaKrajcik IdaKrajcik answered

I need a system that can track the progress of students and give them feedback on their progress and overall experience. The system should have features such as user management, reporting, automated notifications and more. Thanks to the assignment geek source that helped me to do all my pending work timely.

David David answered

The traditional way of learning in this tech-savvy era is too old now. It is a time to adopt the futuristic technologies and craft an advanced learning and training program. It can be for educational institutes, training centers, government or non-government organizations, or anything else. Today, almost every industry-specific business is leveraging the power of the latest technologies. And the eLearning industry is no exception to that.
A learning management system (LMS) helps businesses and educational institutions create, track, and manage their eLearning programs. You can integrate it easily with your running applications and manage accordingly. To find any platform that can give you the exact integration program along with other implementation and services is quite severe. But, here is a suggestion I recommend Paradiso Solutions, it will be best suited LMS integration for your website/program on which you are running/working.
Paradiso with years of experience and sheer technical expertise, delivers market-best solutions for smart LMS development. It team provides the complete guide on learning management system integration and development.




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