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Best Learning Management System

for your Organization



  • Easy to Use

  • Fully Customizable

  • 75+ Language Supported

  • 100+ Integrations

  • 24/7 Tech Support



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Our LMS Solutions

LMS for Corporations

Reunión personas

Ready to move your corporate / internal Employee training online? Try Paradiso LMS!

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LMS for Partner Training

Personas saludandose

Improve ROI on your channel/reseller partners by training them via Paradiso LMS

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LMS for Customer Training

Personas reunidas al frente de un computador

Deliver hassle-free online training to your global business customers via Paradiso LMS

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LMS for Training Companies

Personas reunidas sonriendo

Sell, deliver & track training courses for all your clients with Paradiso LMS

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LMS for Education / K12

Profesor dando clase

Popular in higher education and now working its way into K-12 Paradiso LMS for Education

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Paradiso LMS – Key Features

Paradiso makes the world’s Best eLearning Software

Of all the countless eLearning solutions available in the market, how would you choose the best eLearning software that fits exactly your eLearning needs? It’s simple! When you’re going to buy an LMS consider these 4 points – Utility, Price, Maintenance and Mobile Compatibility.

If your chosen eLearning software checks these 4 features, give it a chance. In Paradiso LMS you can get those features and much more! You’ll get the best value for your money, combined with an easy to use, feature-rich and multi-device friendly platform.

Our Latest Case-Studies (Verticals We Serve)


Training of federal, state & local employes got easily managed with an LMS
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Delivered training to employees to raise money in an effective way
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Streamlined training of geographically-dispersed employees in the retail sector
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All the internal departments became tenants with the multi-tenant LMS
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Helped training centers effectively create, deliver, track & report training programs
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Our Learning Management System Integrates With

quickbooks lms
salesforce lms
microsoft dynamics crm lms
Sugar crm lms
magento lms
sharepoint lms
Logo lynda
woocommerce lms
drupal-commerce lms
shopify lms
peoplesoft lms
Adobe Connect
Drupal lms
wordpress lms
dropbox lms
webex lms
google-apps lam

Paradiso LMS – The Best Elearning Software

Paradiso Solutions, the leading Silicon Valley-based elearning services provider, puts forth Paradiso LMS as one of the best elearning software. Paradiso LMS takes elearning to the next level with its practical features. It flaunts an easy to use UI, gamification ability, 100+ third party integrations, customizability, and mobile accessibility.

Image section Paradiso LMS - The best Elearning software
Image section LMS Integrations – For Better eLearning

LMS Integrations – For Better eLearning

LMS integration is the primary aspect for defining the long term success of implementing an LMS. Speaking of the best elearning software, namely Paradiso LMS, it pairs up seamlessly with most of the major (and not so major) software through Single Sign On (SSO). Be it LMS Salesforce, LMS Shopify or LMS Webex… you just name it, we’ll have our LMS talk to it.

Paradiso LMS is SCORM Compliant

SCORM compatibility is a plug and play feature of Paradiso LMS. Need SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 compliance? Our LMS supports both the versions of SCORM for delivering robust elearning. Creating SCORM compliant content on our elearning software is as simple as exporting a file in the correct format from the authoring tool and importing to our LMS.

Image section Paradiso LMS is SCORM Compliant

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Image section Supports Multi Tenant Architecture

Supports Multi Tenant Architecture

Paradiso LMS is one of those best elearning software that supports multi tenancy. With a multi tenant LMS, you get the ability to extend your training initiatives to your customers/partners/clients. Setting up tenants would be a matter of minutes and when the tenants access the LMS, each would be able to view their own data; records for the other tenants would be filtered out.

Mobile Compatible LMS

Paradiso LMS supports mobile accessibility. It helps provide your learners on-the-go access to elearning, while barring their obligation to sit at their desks. Our mobile UI is intuitive and simple. We have just retained the essential features so that your learners don’t end up getting confused identifying the structure & logical flow on the small screens of their smartphones.

Image section Mobile Compatible LMS
Image section Gamification in eLearning? Supported!

Gamification in eLearning? Supported!

Many a times, some of the best elearning software fail due to one primary reason – lack of learner engagement. Hence, we embraced gamification as our indispensable feature. Badges, points, scores, levels, leaderboards… you get to include all these game mechanics and more in your training initiatives by turning to game-based elearning by Paradiso LMS.

Paradiso Composer – e-Learning Authoring Tool

We have an in-house eLearning authoring tool, namely Paradiso Composer, a specially designed web-based course authoring tool that creates rich multimedia-based SCORM compliant courses that work on all devices. The good news is, no coding or programming experience is required to be able to create an online course library.

Image section Paradiso Composer – e-Learning Authoring Tool
Image section Different e-Learning Types – One LMS

Different e-Learning Types – One LMS

We feel the learners shouldn’t remain isolated while learning, hence we’ve included social learning through wiki, blogs, social networking, discussion forums, chats, among others. Lastly, we think the classroom training has still not lost its charm, and virtual learning is also important. Hence, blended learning! All in all, learners get a superlative e-learning experience.

Get the Maximum ROI out of Paradiso LMS

When you purchase Paradiso LMS, one of the best elearning software, for your organisation, you’d save money on delivering ongoing online
training when compared to booking trainers for face-to-face / classroom training. While on a holistic level, implementing a
cloud LMS is generally cheaper. The measurement of LMS ROI needs both, quantitative and qualitative (specific
needs, processes & objectives) measurements. Think improved appraisal processes, better skills
management, granular reporting capabilities… the opportunities are endless!

Download Resources

Paradiso shares some free resources proven to deliver direct impact on your organization’s revenues.

Company Brochure

Company Brochure

How to Choose the Best LMS?

Best LMS

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