I want my sales guys to automatically get enrolled in mandatory sales training.

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gabbywilkins luckywin12 answered

need to enrol my sales guys in training automatically… any suggestions?

adamgarone Anonymous answered

Get Salesforce LMS. It takes up role based enrollment. So, whenever you have a new sales team member on board, the essential/compliance courses would automatically get assigned to him.

RobynC RobynC answered

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mcleanross mcleanross answered

You can refer to the sales staff capacity assessment and training tool TestCenter cookie clicker

justcaballe justcaballe answered

Mandatory sales training? So are you in your right mind? I am sure you will face not sales. You will face a big fat fiasco. So quit before you disgrace yourself.

thepanteon thepanteon answered

Some people think that head is for wearing a hat, not thinking. Can you hear yourself? A mandatory sales training? And you expect those woeful guys to come later and close the deal? Ha ha, you are really mistaken! We study sales closing techniques and we do it voluntarily. And I personally increased my department sales by 30% this quarter!




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