I want to create an online course using materials I had prepared (video, pdf, pptx files). Is it possible to use all the materials without converting them to different formats?

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tommyfreed JamesTheBest answered

I don’t have much knowledge about the learning management system(LMS) field. Could you help me out with a genuine answer. Thank you!!

kyoshima kyoshima answered

Hey Tommy!

You have to convert them. Btw, what software do you use to edit videos?


JamesTheBest JamesTheBest answered

I recommend everyone to use free online video editors. When you find software that suits your work and business needs you can buy a premium version of it. URL – here you can find more information.

JamesTheBest JamesTheBest answered

ActivePresente and Movavi are full-featured solutions that allow you to create video tutorials by recording your screen with audio. Good luck!




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