I want to create an online course using materials I had prepared (video, pdf, pptx files). Is it possible to use all the materials without converting them to different formats?

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I don’t have much knowledge about the learning management system(LMS) field. Could you help me out with a genuine answer. Thank you!!

Jacklosst Jacklosst answered

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If you are using Mac computer, you can have the same problems that I used to have when I had just started working on it. Those PDF files can be a real nightmare, I dare say. I can’t thank enough my secretary that send me to setapp.com and the ready-made instruction about how to edit and convert those PDFs. P.S. Those who were asking about video conversion, can also find the tutorials there.

Thempans57 Thempans57 answered

Yes, you can use all the materials without converting them to different formats. You need to have a self-hosted WordPress site for your online course. I can say that australianwritings.net you get more new helpful tips about study tools. Once we set up a site for you, all you have to do is provide links to videos, PDFs, ppt, or other files as attachments. These attachments will display as part of the post content. Inside the WordPress dashboard, there’s also an option to create “downloadables” which allows you to create download files and make them downloadable through a link that’s only available to your subscribers.




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