I’m looking for an LMS that offers TinCan and SCORM support. What would you recommend?

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I will recommend you LMS Paradiso

SCORM, SCORM compliance and the related mumbo-jumbo got you scratching your head? We know! And so here we are, with a sort of beginner’s guide to SCORM compliance. It’s more like a ‘SCORM compliance for dummies’ folio. Let’s get down to primarily understand all about the abracadabra, and then understand why it does matter to be… well… SCORM compliant!

Imagine owning a lot of DVDs, but not having a player capable of playing them. In the case of e-learning, SCORM is like the DVD player, without which you wouldn’t be able to play your movies. LMS SCORM compliance is nothing but adherence of the LMS to the technical standards for e-learning products.

The Shareable Content Object Reference Model – more commonly known as SCORM – is a set of specifications used for web-based e-learning. It defines how content from the client side interacts with whichever learning management system is being used. All SCORM compliance means is that the content will work on any system that can read SCORM – i.e. Pretty much all LMSs out there.

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