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Effortless Setup

Paradiso LMS is a SCORM-compliant learning management system. Simply upload your zip files from any authoring tool of your preference, and with just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to commence your training. Paradiso LMS seamlessly supports SCORM 1.2, ensuring compatibility and smooth integration of your SCORM-based content into the platform.

Effective SCORM Reporting

Paradiso LMS offers comprehensive SCORM reports that provide valuable insights into your learners’ progress and the effectiveness of your training. With these reports, you can gain a deeper understanding of each learner’s status, the duration they spent on SCORM units, and their scores.

Accessible training on your device

Paradiso LMS provides a platform where you can effortlessly upload SCORM courses that are fully compatible with HTML5 and mobile devices. This ensures that your courses will seamlessly work on both iOS and Android mobile apps.

SCORM – Tin Can API – AICC – Complaint LMS

Our Paradiso Learning Management System (LMS) offers comprehensive support for industry-standard e-learning features, including SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can API. These features ensure seamless integration of e-learning content and enable tracking and reporting of learner progress.

With SCORM, content creators can easily package and distribute courses, while AICC caters specifically to the aviation industry’s requirements. Tin Can API enhances tracking capabilities by capturing a wide range of learning experiences. The integration of these features in our LMS provides organizations with a flexible and robust platform for delivering effective and engaging online training.

What is SCORM?

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a widely used feature in Learning Management Systems (LMS). It enables the packaging and delivery of e-learning content in a standardized format, ensuring compatibility across different SCORM-compliant systems. With SCORM support in an LMS, content creators can easily import, export, and share courses. Learner’s benefit from a consistent user experience, seamless progress tracking, and reporting of their course completion and assessment scores. SCORM integration in an LMS promotes efficient content management and enhances the overall learning experience.

What is AICC?

The AICC feature in an LMS is effective for people, especially those in the aviation industry, as it provides a standardized and efficient way to deliver and track computer-based training. It ensures that aviation professionals can access, and complete training courses related to safety, compliance, and operational procedures seamlessly. With AICC support in an LMS, learners can easily navigate and engage with aviation-specific content, resulting in a more effective and targeted learning experience.

What is CMI 5?

CMI 5 (Computer Managed Instruction 5) is a powerful feature in Learning Management Systems (LMS) that enhances e-learning content interoperability. It enables seamless integration of various learning experiences, such as online courses, simulations, and mobile learning, while providing granular tracking and reporting of learner progress. By standardizing the format and leveraging Learning Record Stores (LRS), CMI 5 promotes interoperability, personalized learning pathways, and insightful analytics, making it an asset in modern LMS platforms.

What is Tin Can API/ xAPI?

Tin Can API represents the evolution of traditional SCORM LMS by reducing reliance on the Learning Management System for gathering learning information. With Tin Can API, learning experiences are tracked through the transmission of “statements” that capture a learner’s activities both online and offline. This innovative approach yields valuable data on the specific actions and accomplishments of the learner, providing a more comprehensive view of their progress. By shifting the focus to activity-based tracking, Tin Can API offers enhanced flexibility and a richer understanding of the learner’s engagement and achievements.

SCORM LMS: You can unlock benefits like

Learning becomes efficient, engaging, and seamless with SCORM LMS. With this feature you can leverage existing courses, customize the learning experience, and track progress effortlessly. Discover the multitude of benefits that SCORM, Tin Can API features offer in an LMS, empowering organizations to deliver impactful training and achieve unparalleled success. .


Both SCORM and Tin Can API promote compatibility and seamless integration of e-learning content across different systems and platforms, allowing for easy content sharing and collaboration.

Tracking and Reporting

SCORM enables comprehensive tracking of learner progress, completion status, and assessment scores, while Tin Can API goes further by capturing granular data on a wide range of learning experiences both online and offline. This detailed tracking provides valuable insights and facilitates accurate reporting for analysis and decision-making.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Tin Can API offers enhanced flexibility in tracking diverse learning experiences, such as mobile learning, simulations, and real-world activities. This flexibility allows for personalized learning pathways and adaptive instruction, catering to individual learner needs and preferences.

Reusability and Cost Efficiency

SCORM’s standardized content packaging facilitates content reuse and sharing across SCORM-compliant systems, reducing content development time and costs. This reusability helps organizations leverage existing resources and collaborate more effectively.

Enhanced Analytics and Insights

Both SCORM and Tin Can API provide robust data collection capabilities, enabling trainers and administrators to gain deeper insights into learner behavior, identify trends, and address knowledge gaps. These insights support data-driven decision-making and the continuous improvement of training programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Paradiso SCORM LMS compatible with my existing content?

Yes, Paradiso SCORM LMS is fully compatible with SCORM-compliant content. You can easily import and use your existing SCORM courses without any compatibility issues.

Can I customize the appearance of the LMS to match my company's branding.

Absolutely! Paradiso SCORM LMS offers extensive customization options, allowing you to brand the LMS app with your company’s logo, colors, and overall visual identity. This ensures a consistent and personalized learning experience for your employees.

Does Paradiso SCORM LMS support multiple languages?

Yes, Paradiso SCORM LMS provides a variety of language options, making it suitable for global organizations with diverse language requirements. Learners can access the LMS in their preferred language, facilitating better comprehension and engagement.

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