Incompetent ICT is fired

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Today was a Black Friday for my boss. Who had to fire the whole team of IT people in our office, who proved to be totally incompetent and highly unprofessional? So there is just one sysadmin buy who will most likely die of workload and overtime. Can anybody help us?

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Unpleasant situation, but not unique at all. I remember that my previous CTO just ask a cell phone number from his IT guy and didn’t do any background check. And yes, the latter just bolted one not-so-nice day. Anyway, I’ll tell you what. Get in touch with and sign an annual contract for services. These guys will be responsible for the results they deliver.

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What kind of help are you looking for? Even if I know someone with IT experience, how do you imagine he gets access to all your confidential data? Gosh, you need to fire your HR team too. How could they have allowed this and hired incompetent staff?




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