Is Moodle a really good LMS?

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roystonmike GabrielJudah answered

We know that this is like the “father” of the LMS nowadays!

GabrielJudah GabrielJudah answered

What exactly is an LMS anyways? I also read about this LMS on but have no idea what it means though. Can anyone please help a brother out?

anglinajolie anglinajolie answered

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thomasmore thomasmore answered

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Will Philips Will Philips answered

Moodle is one of the biggest eLearning providers in the world, it was one of the first software companies betting their forces in the creation of an online environment. Not only that, the Moodle idea of offering a white label software (customizable), was the booster for the worldwide market. We can even say that the LMS business started with their idea, showing other companies that the education market is a rentable business idea.

In spite of that, Moodle became simple and the possibilities that offer to the market are difficult to handle. It’s because, as been a white label platform with a single code, you need someone capable of manipulating the code. So, the possibilities of Moodle are great, as long as you have a full team of web developers and engineering.

But as a solution to your question and this critical matter, there are some companies that take the better from Moodle and take it to the next level. I worked with one of them which is Paradiso LMS, an excellent solution based on Moodle, but far from being the same. It’s a great solution that you should try for sure.




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