Is Paradiso is best fit for Retail?

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Ranganathan Arya EdwardH answered

Looking for Retail LMS

EdwardH EdwardH answered

Look, it depends on what exactly you want to do. There are interesting options that do not even require a warehouse. I can recommend to you the excellent service Printful where you can make any custom t-shirts to order, check it out to find more here. This T-shirt will immediately go to the receiver, so you do not need a warehouse for storage.

ErvinSmith ErvinSmith answered

It would be nice to have my own retail business, but it seems to me that it requires a warehouse, various trading skills, a website, and so on. Too many investments that I can’t afford.

David David answered

Whether you own a small shop or boutique or manage a location for a major retailer, you’re probably already familiar with the most common training deficiencies facing the industry. Take high employee turnover, for example. Having to constantly train new employees is a major burden, so effective, streamlined training is a must. Retail employees are often new to the workforce in general. Without effective training, they’re apt to continually make costly mistakes. Finally, employees in retail companies don’t often have set schedules, so finding the time to provide training tends to be a major challenge.

So, if you want to avoid the challenges go to the LMS which have best features with the easy to use UI Paradiso LMS




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