Is SCORM still being used

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Why is SCORM still being used?

pradnyamaske pradnyamaske answered

There are many advantages of SCORM which is why it is still used. It is required to make courses SCORM compliant to track the user’s progress and performance in LMS. We can run SCORM compliant courses in any SCORM LMS without redesigning or recoding them. If you are not satisfied with your current LMS software, you can move to a new LMS vendor and easily migrate course content. So, if you want to upload eLearning courses in LMS, it is compulsory to have SCORM compliant course.

However, Tin Can/the xAPI is attempting to become the new standard, replacing SCORM. It is an eLearning specification that enables you to track, store and share the learning -related activity of the user across platforms. It can track the learning experience and real-world scenarios of wide range of devices in multiple contexts. xAPI allows creators and managers of online learning programs to better understand how users are learning, both online and offline.




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