Is there a simple LMS in Arabic?

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Mark Smith Will Philips answered

The world is bigger than before and the English or Spanish aren’t the only languages required by the users.

Will Philips Will Philips answered

The Arabic world faces many changes and challenges with the outbound technology. One of the biggest ones is that much of the systems are created in occidental languages, which it’s not a big deal, but for an Arabic person would be easier or comfortable to surf in the same language in normal time.

That’s why the eLearning market, answering this need creates strategies for those language speakers who want to start surfing in their own language. An excellent example of this is Paradiso LMS, they create their platform in with different languages capability. Also, they understand that the Arabic market is a powerful niche where the eLearning is gaining power day by day.

I cannot say that I have used any of the Arabic LMS in totality, but the market is growing faster, so the multinational companies even have support and strategies to get to those amazing places. So, the answer to your question would be, in my case, Paradiso as an easy, powerful and customizable platform ready to be explored worldwide.




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