Is there an affordable cloud-based LMS that is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant?

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Will Philips Mark Smith answered

FDA 21 CFR compliance is a big deal to care about in the companies, especially on the online platform’s implementations.

Mark Smith Mark Smith answered

We must take in the count that this compliance is applicable to almost all the web platforms. That you must look for is that your content and your information is according to this complaint. A normal LMS platform has the tools enough to provide an environment where your information works with this law.

We have to be clear, this law is more applicable to the product or information that you are sharing in the platform, than in the platform itself. I have seen a lot of platforms that are a modifiable white, means that with your company requirements, and a good platform you can have all this solve.

I recommend you to use Paradiso LMS. They are a good company where you can have solicited the requirements enough to be Part 11 compliant. Besides, they can provide you with a fully customizable platform with a lot of tools and integrations.




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