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How are LMS systems priced?

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LMS systems are the most expensive software solution for organizations that have a large number of users. They cost thousands of dollars and can be very difficult to set up, configure, and manage. Try this NJ seo services for best reviews. The average LMS system costs between $5,000 and $10,000 per user. A company with 10 employees might spend $50,000 on an LMS system. In contrast, a self-service software application such as QuickBooks or Microsoft Office costs around $200 per user.

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Depending on the platform to platform the cost of learning management system varies. Now, I would like to highlight how LMS vendor decide their pricing?

1. Pay by number of learners – Some of the LMS platform charges by the number of learners who are going to use it.

2. Pay by number of users – Based on the number of active users some of the LMS vendor charge pricing.

3. Time-based license – by time duration and number of the user, LMS vendor charge costing. The license duration can vary from month to year.

4. Pay as per the active learner – Some of the top LMS software charge money by active learners.

5. Open source LMS platform – There are so many free open source LMS available like Moodle, WordPress, Joomla, Blackboard and more. These are 100% free and can customize as per the requirement.

6. Self-hosted platform – Some of the company host the LMS software on the client-server to deliver online learning.

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