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How are LMS systems priced?

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Depending on the platform to platform the cost of learning management system varies. Now, I would like to highlight how LMS vendor decide their pricing?

1. Pay by number of learners – Some of the LMS platform charges by the number of learners who are going to use it.

2. Pay by number of users – Based on the number of active users some of the LMS vendor charge pricing.

3. Time-based license – by time duration and number of the user, LMS vendor charge costing. The license duration can vary from month to year.

4. Pay as per the active learner – Some of the top LMS software charge money by active learners.

5. Open source LMS platform – There are so many free open source LMS available like Moodle, WordPress, Joomla, Blackboard and more. These are 100% free and can customize as per the requirement.

6. Self-hosted platform – Some of the company host the LMS software on the client-server to deliver online learning.

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