Need to sell some elearning courses online. We are a training company!

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gregoryhutchison JerryNelson answered

what ecommerce platform is the best .. ?


The best ecommerce platform to sell e-learning courses is Paradiso LMS. This LMS integrates with the most popular eCommerce platforms around. Again, which one you choose depends on a lot of factors. WooCommerce is a platform built on WordPress and can be downloaded for free as an add-on, so if you already have a site built on WordPress then this would be an easy transition. Magento on the other hand is designed more for enterprise and larger companies, with tons of great features and almost unlimited customizability, however may be a wee bit out the price range of smaller firms. Shopify is a good option as, for a monthly fee, they take care of a lot of things for you, allowing you to concentrate more on other things such as making your courses the best they can be.

JerryNelson JerryNelson answered

Haluan myydä joitain eLearning-kursseja verkossa, mutta en tiedä kuinka voin myydä ne. Mutta olen iloinen, että löysin viestisi, josta löysin vastaukseni. Haluaisin auttaa sinua jakamalla kanssasi -sivuston, josta löydät helposti online-todellisen rahan pelisivustoja arvosteluineen. Se auttaa sinua valitsemaan parhaan kasinopelisivuston.




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