Plan and create online courses

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How can I plan and create online courses?

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This is a very good question, as we all know watching content gets boring sometimes so we need to make our learning material more interesting and interactive so that users will not be bored while watching content.

Here are some tips which can help you to make your content more interesting and interactive.

1. Relevant Topic in Content:
Adding high-quality and meaningful content data will keep users fully engaged and motivated to learn. On the other hand, including information that is general and not relevant will not bring any added value to the eLearning course, and may even make the user question the value of the eLearning course as a whole. So, strict on-topic and always ensure that you offer relevant information that helps them to improve their knowledge base and learn or improve upon the desired skill set.

2.Include Visual and Graphics:
Images and 3-D graphics make the courses more interesting and easy to understand. It also boosts the learner engagement in e-Learning which makes the course aesthetically appealing. It’s important that user are given the opportunity to explore the eLearning course if you want it to be fully interactive. Include links that learners can just click on in order to learn more about the topic, create stories that they need to interact with, integrate visual components that make the topic more interactive, and encourage them to explore the module by hyperlinking to other pages that may be of interest. All of these key elements will allow you to create interactive eLearning courses that enhanced learners’ engagement and keep them coming back for more knowledge and information.

3. Add interactive, reality-based scenarios.
To make your eLearning tool more interactive the most powerful tool and the best way is to develop an interactive eLearning strategy is adding reality-based eLearning scenarios. Integrating real-life examples and problems into your eLearning course will provide you the chance that how knowledge acquired can be applied outside of the learning environment. Making these scenarios interactive by adding video, images, and audio enables you to create an immersive and effective learning environment that motivates and engages the learners.

4. Integrate quizzes or assessments after completing of each module or lesson.
It plays an important role in checking one’s knowledge based on the course. In a maximum of the online courses, it is mandatory to submit and cleared it first to move on to the next chapter.

Adding quizzes and assessments at the conclusion of each module not only allow facilitators and creators to assess the effectiveness of the eLearning course, but also provides an opportunity to measure their progress and consolidate the content they have learned. Make the quizzes more interactive, such as adding real-life problems that learners must solve by using their newly gained skills

5.Create Animated content:
When it comes to e-learning, something as small as animated content can make big difference. Using animated content makes the course very lively. You can either choose to get animated content designed by your in-house or hired e-learning partner, or you can also buy them online. Another interesting way of using animated content can be to let your content be the host of the course and that helps learners along the course.

6. Enable Social Media Tools:
Social media functions usually include commenting, giving feedback, and sharing the content further. These features can make your course more interactive. It has provided facilities for learners to act and react to the learnings imparted. Social polls and surveys are also good tools to evaluate your learners’ perspectives and understanding. You can use these surveys to improvise the course, while managing it or may edit it as per the received feedback before or after the training.

If you are still stuck in creating interactive course, I will help you. While I was researching for creating online interactive course for various Level of Interactivity, I came across the website How to create interactive online course I highly suggest that you check it, you will learn plenty of new things.

Hope it helps.





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