Print functionality not working on a specific LMS

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liamnoah DenWillson answered

We just published a Storyline 2 course in our LMS. At the end of the course is a certificate that allows the learner to print. The print functionality works fine on our LMS. I tested the functionality on my printer error code and it worked fine also. After publishing, I sent the files to an external hosting service who will be uploading the course to their website. They tested it and the certificate prints only when the page is right-clicked on, the print button does not work. The web developer mentioned that the print functionality was not set up properly on the page and asked me to fix it. I was under the assumption that because it works in our LMS and in preview mode, it would work on any system. I don’t know what could be wrong with the set-up; I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to help me.



Here’s the reply the developer sent:

Having tested a bit more, the issue appears to be related to the Printer Troubleshooting of the page. If I do a right click on the certificate and then select print, it does display and print fine (but with the menu options). This tells me that browsers can display the certificate but the page is not set up properly for printing. Developers should be able to fix that.

I included two screenshots of the triggers/javascript.

Thank you for your help.

DenWillson DenWillson answered

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